Passion Meets Reality

Passion Meets Reality

The Truth Behind Demographics & Future Talk Show Internet Hosts

Run for the hills! Someone is about to explore the myth(s) of Demographics and show future talk show Internet hosts what is real and what is sometimes exaggerated or filtered into that known category of “Little White Lie(s).”

When you approach an internet station, the future talk show host should ask the station owner what their Demographics are like. It’s important for them to know because you realize then whether or not that particular station has the ‘tribe’ or ‘target audience’ that you’re looking for.

For example, one of the analytical companies that PWRN uses is Google Analytics. It tells me (the station owner) all the important stuff that all hosts, future or current, need to know to make sure that their program is being well received, of value to that listening audience, or whether they need to change the format or formula of their show to keep appealing to their listening audience.

You might say that the audience determines how well your particular show is going to do.

The Particulars:

a.  Gender: Who’s listening more, male versus female? In PWRN, females listen more to the programs than males. Females rank in at 57% while males rank 42% (all percentages rounded off).

b.  Age: Google Analytics provides you with 5 age categories as does most other companies that offer analytical numbers and information. 55 to 65 is our number 1 age group. Previous to that 25 to 35 was our number 1 age group. The ages can vary over time particularly when you offer different types of programs. Since PWRN offers different types of talk shows, it doesn’t really surprise me at the moment that our biggest age group is 55 to 65. However, we run a mix of programs from animal whispering to Demystifying Alzheimer’s which can strike anybody from an early age, 20+ to late 70+.

Check with the station and find out what age group dominates the listening audience. It will possibly have a big impact on how well or how badly your show or podcast is going to do.

c.  Which groups are listening? TV/Entertainment? Moviegoers? Shutterbugs? Video/Games? Travel? Restaurant? All these industries will identify with your program. Which industry listens to you? Professional? White collar? Blue Collar? Millenials? The more you know, the better off you know how to best market and promote your program to.

d.  Length of stay. Many people surf the web. Many people will surf the internet’s radio station webpages. Ask how long the audience sticks around to listen to the podcasts? to the shows?

At PWRN, we know that our audience, 38%, remains on our site for l 1/2 hours. I’m told that’s pretty good considering most people usually listen for 1 or 2 minutes.

Understanding the Particulars

This gives a basic understanding of what the future talk show host should ask before signing on the dotted line. It’s not that you don’t trust them, but at the same time, you want to understand how well received your show is going to be heard. Most internet radio companies will provide basic stuff to you as part of their agreement with you whether it’s an oral agreement with a virtual handshake or a written contract.

Some internet stations will give you a 90 day warm up where they’ll allow you 3 months to get all the newness under your belt before they start expecting great things from you. However, if you go into the station blind, then chances are you will never leave that 90 day warm-up period.

You won’t know where to start or how to finish. It takes more than a microphone, an internet connection and a great marvelous idea for a show to start an audience and start receiving applause from your fans. It takes teamwork and hard work.

If you haven’t started a Google Analytics account yet, start one just for your website (if you’ve got one). Or go find an internet station and take a good look at it. Many times, they will automatically provide this type of information to you. Study it and take notes. Go to 3 or 4 and compare your notes.

Study them. Then, make your decision.

Before you go recognize this. It’s allot harder than you think.  Like anything else in this world, there are only two known things: death and taxes.

Until next time,

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