Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!

Because of one thing and another, here are the last 4 tips that I just now found.

Please remind me where I left off.

Tip 4

Mean what you say! Say what you mean! In other words, think before you speak. Be passionate in your answer.

Know your topic so you can recite it in your sleep.


Tip 5

Always make sure you know the contents of your book, product, video, whatever you’re trying to sell to the general

public. They’ve gathered to hear what you have to say. Make sure you choose the right words to express and define what

you mean. This isn’t a guessing game. This is your life’s blood that you’re talking about. Make sure you get it right the

first time.


Tip 6

Ever listen to people singing? Next time do. Be surprised when you hear the “s” “z” words. Those are killers.

Make sure you enunciate your words. Don’t slide into home base or even first. Crisp, clear communication, please.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.”

Professor Higgins was right!


Tip 7

Do yourself a favor.

Don’t become another cow statistic.

Don’t chew gum, suck sour balls, or anything else you can stick in your mouth.

Get that wad of tobacco out as well.

It doesn’t become you.

It doesn’t become your speech.

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Until next time!

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