Weekends are my slow-down time; however I didn’t forget the two tips that need posting.

Tip #11

Congratulations, you’re now considered an EXPERT in your field when you publish a non-fiction book.

That means you don’t have to have a Bachelors, Master’s or even a PhD to publish what you consider is

your finest work.

What is Tip #11.

Tip # 11 means you’re now in a position to take charge of your book career as an author.

Since you’re acknowledged as an EXPERT in your field of whatever topic you wrote about,

make sure you know what you’re seeing. This isn’t the time to add new information. That’s

what ebooks or perpetual updates to your recent book are for. A new book, Book 2, will take

care of that additional information. The information you need to know is what you wrote in

that book. Make sure you know what you wrote. Read and reread it. Take notes. Jot down a

synopsis, make an outline. Carry a 3 x 5 in your pocket or notebook or bag or anything that

contains your words of wisdom so when an unexpected admirer or the news comes running

along, you have something fresh to say from your book or something different about

your book that sets you head and shoulders above the rest of the authors who’ve written

the same spiel that you’ve just published.

Tip #12

Make sure that when you speak about your subject, speak about your fiction or non-fiction

book, speak with CONVICTION, PASSION, and KNOWLEDGE. Let the world know you mean business.

That what you’ve just written isn’t a fluke.

Passion makes people respond to your book — to your words.

Conviction makes people believe in what you’ve said within your book.

Knowledge reassures people that you know what you’re talking about.

So, go out there and kill it!!

Until next time… .

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Own and operate an Internet Talk Radio Network for 10 years, 2005 to Present Published Author of Non-Fiction Book, 1996, "Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent's Guide. Published Author of several fiction books, 2006 "Sacred Honor" and 20010 "The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure." Playwright of Theater of the Absurd and Black Comedies. Screenwriter, Black Comedies

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