April 18, 2017  3 p.m. eastern Lillian’s Interviews Dotti Berry, aka Coach B and EPIC Global Connector

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Widener University

Creator of patent-pending EPIC TAPP™ (Total Assessment Personality Profile) system. Educator Entrepreneur and Corporate Diversity Trainer.

The CORE of Training2Transform Global Enterprises

C-onnecting – Discovering how to create global connections through diverse mobile & social media applications is essential in this initial step of building successful business relationships.

O-penly Engaging – Understanding the power of ongoing and active, compassionate listening lies at the heart of this necessary second step.

R-elating – Grasping the importance of building successful relationships for the long term is created by ongoing authentic conversations via the first two steps.

E-nthusiastically Connecting, Engaging, Collaborating, Innovating, Optimizing & Leveraging in order to mine the gold offered by the synchronicity of this fourth step is the key to lasting empowered partnerships.

Business was Lexington, KY Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
Business was ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Small Business of the Year in the United States.

Text: CoachB To: 90210 to import digital card with complete contact info and contact me directly.

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