Take a good look.

My mug shot.

Does this look like a Depressed Person?

Study it. The wrinkles. The fine lines. The half slit eyes.

Remind you of anyone?

Robin Williams? Your mother? Your father? Your brother? Sister?

Can’t say for sure? Well, take another look.

Surely you can tell whether a person is depressed or not, can’t you?  What? you say? There are no tears. No frowns. No upside downs to guide you.

The face is a road map. It can tell you allot of stuff.

What your face can’t tell you is how you really feel way deep down inside. Oh, you lie, you say. Your face tells all. Don’t wear your face on your sleeve.

Whoops, that’s feelings. So, how can you tell whether a person is depressed or not.

Because they’ve said so.

Now, we know that every time someone says something, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me to a piece of toilet paper.

We’re going into the discussion of Depression because it’s becoming a big deal in our society. It’s always lingered on the edges. Holidays. Birthdays. Deaths.

It hits celebrities, like Robin Williams. He choose a way out. I don’t agree with his way. My mother and grandmother also chose that way out, too. Probably, they were depressed, but none thought to ask them why they were depressed. And, I bet, they couldn’t have put it into words if they’ve tried.

I know. Because when I’ve tried to put it into words, words failed me. Me, a communicator. So, we’re going to discuss The Art of Depression in of itself is a depressing subject, but someone’s got to do it cause it’s out there. No longer lurking. But taking hostages and prisoners.

Next week, I invite you all to participate in this discussion. Stories, Percentages. Advice.

In the bitter end, I’ll be the spoiler: Only you can Prevent Depression.

About Lillian Cauldwell

Own and operate an Internet Talk Radio Network for 10 years, 2005 to Present Published Author of Non-Fiction Book, 1996, "Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent's Guide. Published Author of several fiction books, 2006 "Sacred Honor" and 20010 "The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure." Playwright of Theater of the Absurd and Black Comedies. Screenwriter, Black Comedies