What do you do when you keep missing appointments?

I’m not pointing any fingers. I’ve found myself in this weird ritual of missing one particular appointment now twice. And I’m not about to flunk out and do it one more time. What?

Business is a time forward, time consuming, lost time process that involves all of us on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. When a special someone like a Coach, a Consultant, a Friend, A Peer, a Business person comes along and offers you the opportunity for a F*ree anything, the least you can do is show up on time.

However, sometimes the strangest stuff happens that makes you not keep that appointment. In my case, the first time, I had a doctor’s appointment. Okay, that was legit. However, the second time I forgot where I had placed the conference number and pin number to get into that f*ree call. And that special someone waited around for me to call.

I call that W.O.W! That coach didn’t have to waste those 10 minutes waiting for a stranger who asked for her f*ree session to show up, but she did.

So, the next time you have an appointment, let me provide you with a few freebies that might possibly help you that type of ugly embarrassment on your part.

  1. Put the event or appointment on the calendar. There are tons of calendars one can use for free on the internet. Pick one out and use it.
  2. Place sticky notes all over you business room. In my case, I’ve now stuck a sticky note to the bottom edge of my computer screen. I’ve attached another sticky note to my daily calendar book. I’ve also placed a sticky note in my pocketbook in case I go out that day, I will be reminded.
  3. Print out the day, date and time and scotch tape that to the inner door of your room. In other words, you’ll run into that appointment remember every day until that appointment comes up.
  4. Tell your spouse. Tell your kids. Heck, tell your parents. Whomever you feel will remember the longest and best and can reminding you on that day that you’ve got an appointment to attend.
  5. Write a Dear ? note apologizing for not showing up. Let them know you’re at fault. You’re taking accountability and responsibility for not coming and meeting them at a specified time. Time that they have taken out of their busy schedule to meet with you and provide you with advice or information necessary for you to move forward with your business, but at grata prices. You can’t beat that.
  6. Last, make sure you place that appointment on every calendar you have in the house, in your cubicle, wherever you frequent so that you can be constantly reminded that an appointment was made and you had better show up this time.
  7. Don’t even think about the Or Else, because no one is harder on themself than yourself. So remember, appointments are important part of your life’s routine. Make a sticky note to remember that!

About Lillian Cauldwell

Own and operate an Internet Talk Radio Network for 10 years, 2005 to Present Published Author of Non-Fiction Book, 1996, "Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent's Guide. Published Author of several fiction books, 2006 "Sacred Honor" and 20010 "The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure." Playwright of Theater of the Absurd and Black Comedies. Screenwriter, Black Comedies