We all know that particular feeling. It’s called ‘Social OverWhelm.’ When our mail boxes, postal and email, are stuffed with flyers, chairty requests, offers too-goo-to-be-true; advertising, marketing, and financial freedom. You dream it up and it’s in there. Everything your heart desires plus more.

And that trick questions can be answered in several ways. For today, we’ll concentrate on personal. Tomorrow, the world!

Personal requests. Donations asking for money. Letter campaigns for needy folks. What’s a mortal to do?

One: If you gave ALL your money to these institutions, it still wouldn’t be enough. “The poor you’ll always have with you.” Remember that phrase from the New Testament? Well, it’s true, so true and indicative of our society. However, there are ways, and there are ways to help these unfortunates IF you take the time and RESEARCH them on the internet or in the library.

Did I say a dirty word? Maybe even two? RESEARCH! Ha, that’s it, Watson. RESEARCH. Not all charities or non-profit are always on the up and up. Many of these companies have stellar records when it comes to portioning the money they receive from giving and caring folk, like you and me. My hubby keeps a list on those companies where the top priority of these companies is to pay their staff and administrative needs while giving what they have left over to the folks who REALLY need it.

Two words stand out in my mind: BUYER BEWARE and DONATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Okay, I can’t count, but I’m sure you get the message.

Two: Pick and choose which charity or non-profit you IDENTIFY with and then write out the check. Just don’t do it once a year, around Christmas time. Hey, everyone gives at Christmas. If you truly believe in what you’re doing is right, then do it once a month or volunteer your time. Now, that’s more like it.

Three:  Pass along your sentiments and activities to your children. There’s no place like home, Dorothy said, and she would’ve said, There’s no place like home where daddy and mommy put their mouth where they send their money. TEACH them what charity giving is really all about. Teach values. Teach fundamentals. Teach truth. Teach virtue. Yup, it’s all in there. Make use of your charity giving as an object lesson for your kids. They’ll thank you sometime in their 30’s. I know my kid eventually did. Knocked my socks off it did.

Four: Recycle all that paper. On the bottom of cans and bottles, you’ll see little triangles that tell you whether you’re city or town collects and recycles these products. Well, you can do the same thing with paper products. Now, remember also to pass it along to your kids and grandkids.

In fact, my grand-kids day isn’t done until they’ve come over and crushed all our aluminum cans. They love it. They get out their frustrations on teachers and bullies, and we get our cans crushed. Everyone wins.

Tomorrow, the world!

Socially OverWhelmed

Social OverWhelmed

Social Overwhelm

Social Overwhelm


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