Several days ago I received a jarring phone call from someone who professed to love me to death.

Nope, it wasn’t family.

It was a friend. And, they were letting me know that whatever happened between us socially, professionally, and personally, I would always be loved and cherished.

The problem is, that the love that person expressed and the word LOVE meant two entirely different things. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that the word LOVE is used.

I love you. Quite common to her and quite forward. The person is telling you that they love you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health until death do you part.

I loved it. Yeah, they’re talking about a concert, a picnic, a sport’s figure, a best friend, a way of closing a conversation. It’s funny how that word love keeps on popping up in our conversation.

I loved it. Really? What actually made you fall in love with an inanimate object? Does it equate with the love you expressed toward a living and breathing person or animal?

Let’s see. Love means and here you get to fill in the blanks.

I know that relationships are vital for all human beings and animals, but really folks, can you really equate loving someone as a sign off or something that you’ve really enjoyed to something that you make a commitment to for the rest of your life?

I really have trouble when I hear the word LOVE flung around casually or in a casual manner that a deep and abiding love is the same love that you bestow on a person when saying good-bye even though you really don’t know that person intimately at all.

When I hear children tell their pet frog or cat or even a book that they love it, I know where they got the phrase from. They listened to their parents, teachers, adult authority figures or other folk say those exact words. And, they parrot them until they become aware of the difference between the two. And, sometimes, as they grow into teenagers and then adults, they may take the word LOVE and apply it to their car, boat, homework, music, art, sneakers, sport’s team. The list is endless.

Now, there’s nothing wrong in saying you LOVE certain objects, people, or topics, but understand that the definition for that word LOVE is different than what you’re talking about or inferring to.

It’s a complex and complicated world out there.

Tomorrow lust and love. They’re one and the same, right?

Or are they?


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