What to do When a Migraine Strikes?

Yes, that happened this week as evidenced that no blog article appeared. While I haven’t yet solved how to get rid of that nasty thing, I did receive a few solutions worth mentioning.

Now, remember, I said worth mentioning. I didn’t say anything about whether they worked or not. That applies to you alone and personally. Stuff I have no control over.

On with the solutions!

  1. Take your husband’s necktie and tie it around your head. (Circumference thingy here) Make sure you pull tight so that the pressure is applied.
  2. Take an ice cube and hold it at the base of your neck. Rub it up and down.
  3. Go to the beauty store and have a facial (a face steam for those guys who have never had it done before). Apparently between the steaming and the rubbing of the fingers over the surface of your temples will charm the migraine away.
  4. My grandkids gave me this one. Have your grandkids over for the day. Allow them to run wild. Between the noise, wails, and arguments (if they’re old enough to fight), you’re headache will seem like nothing — at — all.
  5. This one is my favorite. Put a bag over your head. The darkness will soothe your aches and pains, and you won’t be responsible for what happens next.
  6. There you have it ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages. The different solutions to divest yourself of a migraine.
  7. One last thing. Although I’m not a doctor (licenses or otherwise-my disclaimer), my spouse the organic chemist says that Botox is what they put in dead people when they lay down to rest, F-O-R-M-A-L-D-E-H-Y-D-E, a toxic gas.
  8. Now ask yourself this question? Do you really want to become one of the UN-Dead?
  9. Just asking?

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