I know.

You’re a believer in the American Medical Industry.

Doctors are Gods or close to it many believe.

Well, I’ve good news and bad news. The bad news first, okay?

Not even close, not even by a long shot.

In fact, a doctor recently told me: “MRI’s are only 80% right. The rest is guesswork.”

Makes you feel warm and cuddly inside just knowing that.

I’ve been going to therapy for my right knee for more than 3 months. Yes, even during the summer. Ugh!
However, I really believed the doctor when he told me that therapy works wonders and this would solve my problem.

Guess again!

Yes, I’m back in therapy. The doctor gave me 2 choices this time: Surgery & therapy or therapy. Guess which one I picked. Yup, you guessed it. Therapy!

There’s a tiny muscle on the side of your knee. It doesn’t get stimulated very often. In other words, you’ve got to amp up the volume for that sucker to become alive and start working. They do this by stimulating the muscle with electrical impulses. While it’s being stimulated electronically, you get to do an exercise. Sound like fun? You’re welcome to try it.

I also get to do neat exercises. What the therapist calls the meat of the operation. Why I didn’t receive this inner cut of meat sooner I’ll leave to the wiser ones among you. Something my spouse questioned this morning since our pocketbooks are paying for this experimentation of healing my knee.

I’ve got 3 more weeks of intensive therapy (3 times a week) before I go back to the doctor and see how well I’m doing.

I’ll let you know who wins. The evil disjointed right knee or the unstimulated muscle that won’t work unless aroused by electrical energy.

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