Truth or Lie

Can’t admit the truth

When do you do when you can’t even admit the truth to yourself?

The anonymous “They” say that “the truth will set you free.” I guess if you can’t admit the truth to yourself, then are you imprisoned for life?

It’s an interesting question. I mean, do you see prison bars in front of your face when you meet and greet people who refuse to face up to the truth? Even though it’s staring them in the face – eyeball to eyeball?

What kind of punishment are these people receiving? The fiery flames of Hell? Mythical furies that torment their every step and breath that they take?

Maybe – it’s their future mother-in-law or father-in-law that follows them around shaking their fingers at them. Maybe, it’s their kids who can’t tell a lie from the truth and so hedge their bets when speaking to mom and dad at what really happened at school that dy.

Do you suppose that we can smell the unvarnished lie on their breath? Maybe, mint mouthwash doesn’t cover everything.

Do you suppose that these people wear horns on their head and only the Godly can see them?

It’s interesting to note that physics can see the dead, but they can’t see those who refuse to admit the truth when it’s vital that they do? It kind of makes you wonder.

I suppose that dogs could sniff you out. Or cats can see you’re branded with UnTruth scorched on your forehead. Maybe, the other farm animals, horses, chickens, pigs, cows, will also take off running when they see you.

Something to wonder about. Or perhaps to worry about.

It’s definitely something that will be discussed in the future. Because if you can’t admit even to yourselves the truth, then what happens to the rest of your family, spouse, relatives, friends, Romans, and countrymen, what the heck do they see?

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