Gift an Un-Giftable Person

To Gift or Not to Gift

That sounds really crazy, doesn’t it? Gifting an Ungiftable person?

I believe every family has one or two people who have everything. They really don’t need anything. But you’re expected to give them some kind of gift so they won’t feel left out when everyone else is exchanging gift.

In my family. we have this problem. These people could possibly buy Fort Knox with change to spare. They’ve seen everything in the world. Tasted every kind of food there is. Their house bares testament that every physical product on earth has been bought. What’s left to give?

Over the years my spouse and I have struggled to come up with an appropriate gift. Our closest relatives are no good. They haven’t a clue. And, if they do have one, they’re using it as their own gift to give.

Well, no more do we sweat it. We regifted the gift that we couldn’t keep and gave it to the ungiftable ones. Know what? That’s the best thing we could’ve have done.

I know it sounds underhanded. And, it’s probably tasteless. But, think about it. There’s someone in your family who needs a gift. You know that a phone card, phone card, restaurant card, debit card from a bank–all those cards hanging out at the bank, SAMS, COSTCO, grocery store, drug store;  to name a few places.

The next time you need to send a gift or buy a gift for an ungiftable person, remember these words, REGIFT!

Happy New Year!

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