As parents we all had it happen to us. Our child(ren) come home from school with a note. Billy been day dreaming in class and not paying attention to the homework assignment, the teacher, a friend, the school monitor. As such, the teach felt that a note home will help her/him solve the problem.

Day dreaming in our culture — in our society is considered a serious offense in the eyes of the education law, at home when doing chores or homework, at work when we’re suppose to be doing something to earn our pay check or 2-week vacation.

Has Day Dreaming a capital offense in our country? in the world? I remember when children’s poetry books and some novels encourage young readers to dream — to pretend — to make up worlds or invent friends to play and dream with. What happened?

I know that when I’m sleepy or bored or just want to take a break from life, I day dream. I day dream when I’m in the car and driving for 10 hours. I day dream when I fly across the country or even a 45 minute flight from point A to point B. I day dream when I listen to opera, see a play or movie. That’s when my creative spirit moves me.

I believe that when children day dream they are not wasting time. They’re actually stopping time so that they have that precious moment to take flight from their ordinary drab life.

What drab life? For some children, day dreaming might be their only escape from being bullied at school, teased at home by older siblings, escape from a difficult homework assignment.

Is day dreaming different from night dreaming? I don’t think so. I believe that day dreaming and night dreaming is a way for us to create an alternate reality within our self and step into it without looking back or over our shoulder.

We will discuss day dreaming further because I believe that day dreaming should be encouraged to the young and old.

What do you think?

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