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Whine and Cheese, Anyone?

I recently received two comments in PWRN’s in-box from two people that wrote replica complaints about the blog on bullying. Now, they did admit they chose to read the article. No one was holding a gun to their head to read it.

However, their same replica answers convinced me that they haven’t been teased or bullied either as adults or as children. Instead they accused me of whining about it instead of doing something about it.

Maybe, they missed reading the articles on the teens who committed suicide when teased by their peer group by hanging themselves, or perhaps it was the article of teens over dosing on pills because their peer group just couldn’t stop taking pot shots at them.

Whatever the cause, bullying kills. Bullying hurts, maims, and takes away from a person’s esteem and value of themselves in such a way that there’s nothing left for them to hold on to.

If one takes a closer look at our society, the current one or even previous generation’s ones, you’ll notice one distinct thing. Man’s behavior.

Man’s behavior doesn’t change. It’s still the same as when the apes first dropped down from the trees. Why? Because even the great apes act that way, too. There is always a pecking order. There’s always someone (bigger and stronger) on top surrounded by their lieutenants and best buddies (fans) who will ape and imitate their leader to get his/her approval, attention, and thumbs up.

It’s unfortunate, but true. So, the next time you chose to send two replica comments to me about my wimpy and whinny blog post, let me remind you of one factor.

Bullies are the cowards of our societies. If the same amount of teasing, battery, and assault were directed toward them, they are the first to flee, cry foul, or run home to mother complaining (whining) about how unfair the gang is.

Or, in the words of an unknown author once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, comment about the weather. Nowadays, it’s always changing!”

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