here Passion Meets Reality!

Who as the best manners among the presidential candidates?

Okay, unfair question. Let me ask you this instead?  Who has the worst manners among the candidates and why?

Still stumped?

All of them. None of them.

I can’t say hands down that all of or none of the candidates have great manners. It’s like, well, you know, uhm, ahhh, let me think on this. Still with me? Great!

I can say (honestly or not) that none of the candidates seem to remember what Fanny Post had to say about good manners in public. In fact, on Mastering Your Interpersonal Skills level, I fail everyone, and I mean everyone.

Are you paying attention to what the candidates are saying with their lips? I don’t think their brains have kicked in to coordinate with their lips because the words flying out of them are fast and loose. I mean, come on guys.

Mean what you say and Say what you mean.

Is it that obvious? Punching people in the face? Seriously?

An assault charge on a campaign manager? She deserved that. Really? In what way does anybody deserve to be punched, kicked, man-handled, disrespected. Come on, gang! Is this what we’re being reduced to?

Thugs? Brown-shirts? Wearing white hoods? Really? Since when is it acceptable behavior? Because we’re not kids anymore.

In the real world, we call these people bullies or thugs. In a campaign year, we call them what?

I can’t hear you!

Learning how to Master Your Interpersonal Skills.

Thank you anonymous voice. You got through.

Without batter. Without hair pulling. Without a kick to the knees.

Learning how to Master Your Interpersonal Skills.

Shall I say it a third time to make the charm work?

Mastering Your Interpersonal Skill!

Third time is the charm.

Think about it. Do you want your kids to imitate? mimic? follow? the type of behavior displayed — exhibited — shown by our presidential candidates? A show of hands please.

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