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What do you do when you receive an email from PayPal telling you that the bank you designated to receive your bank transfers isn’t the right one.

Hold on to your hats cuz you’re going to need to read this. After 3 hours and four tries and one bank-call information line, I finally get it right. You should know in case PayPal decides to send you a notice and their support team isn’t that supported.

First thing first. Check your account and see what notations PayPal might have written to you. Then carefully write them down on a piece of paper. Next, don’t email. That takes forever and a day.

Call up their support line. You will receive a one-time code to use when speaking to the operator. Hope that the PayPal rep speaks and understands English; otherwise you’re doomed. It took me three times to find an English speaking operator who understood my problem.

Make sure you speak to that representative politely. After all, they’re not the ones who are responsible for your present plight.

Two get the exact directions. Make sure the person spells out for you what you need to do. The first time the rep and I got sidetracked because I couldn’t answer all the security questions correctly. If there’s a problem, thank the person and hang up without slamming the phone down. Yes, I know. You’re frustrated. So was I. But you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Remember that.

Three, call back PayPal and get the exact word needed for when you call your bank. Be careful when looking up phone numbers on the internet. Some banks don’t give out a toll free number of any number to call. Some banks use a general number and you find yourself talking to a mortgage counselor.

Don’t laugh. That’s what happened to me. I finally got a non-mortgage number and called up. I explained my problem.

Four, don’t sweat the small stuff. PayPal works with all banks so the rep you speak to will probably understand your problem better than you do. Hint: It’s the routing number stupid.

Yup, it’s the routing number that calls up the specific bank that you use. The wrong routing number will get your money transferred to the wrong bank.

Can you get your money back once it goes to the wrong bank? You betcha. That’s what routing numbers are for. Once you explain the problem, the bank rep will give you the correct routing number. Write it down.

Then finally you can go in and add your new bank with the correct routing number and everyone goes home happily ever after…until the next crisis strikes.

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